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7 Questions: 'Ships

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Which 'ships do you sail? Take this meme and share the love for your favorite fictional couples.

A quick dictionary:

"Canon" means the pairing appears in the book/tv show/movie in question. Non-canon means that it does not. So, for example, Harry/Ginny is Harry Potter canon, but Ginny/Draco is not.

"Crossover" means putting two fictional worlds together. So Buffy/Wolverine is a crossover pairing, but Buffy/Angel is not.

"Ship" is shorthand for "relationship." So if you're a big fan of Bella/Edward, you're a Bella/Edward shipper. And now, for the meme...

1. Favorite Canon Book Pairings:
2. Favorite Non-Canon Book Pairings:
3. Favorite Canon TV Pairings:
4. Favorite Non-Canon TV Pairings:
5. Favorite Crossover Pairings:
6. Favorite love/hate relationship:
7. Favorite forbidden romance:

Bonus for Writers:
Favorite Pairings in your Books:
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