Meme Girls (memegirls) wrote,
Meme Girls

The Dream Meme (by Jen)

What kind of dreamer are you? Answer the questions in this Meme Girls Original Meme, then tag five friends to do the same. And remember- the more details, the better!

Do you remember your dreams?
What's the best dream you've ever had?
What's the worst nightmare you've ever had?
What's the absolute WEIRDEST dream you've ever had?
Can you control your dreams?
Do you have any recurring dreams?
Have you ever had a flying dream?
How about one of those dreams where you go to school/work and realize that you're naked?
Have you ever had a dream that featured characters from a book, movie, or television show?
Have you ever had a dream where your teeth fall out?
Have you ever dreamed something that later came true?

Bonus question for writers:
Have your characters ever shown up in your dreams?
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